There is an influx of enchantment in a work of perfectly transmitted airwaves. The maneuvering of sounds and purposed mangling of [sounds] to take on a very corporeal form that almost every human can relate to through emotion is a most delicate assemblage. What makes it all the more disturbingly provocative, are all the tears it’s lodging. And when there is no clear-cut description of what it is exactly that we’re looking at and slowly digesting…it tastes nameless. And we grow to like the after, the mellow lingering sensation it leaves because it’s ours to have. It becomes personal to us. Embedding the idea that this is apropos—exactly what we’ve been looking for—matching the season of our affections the first time it enters the senses. And a locus is formed.

Looking to the rawness at first listen, I can’t remember any words. This goes not to say that the was no principality in the nomenclature. But the truth is the meanings they held were muted, and all that floated in the airspace was just beauty. Undertones of sadness and a welling up of emotion encompassing the power to make me feel so hopeless, paralyzed, drawn…like the way it feels to have your body completely taken over by another. Maybe not as though it’d be the last time I’d ever see you. Just more like the first time in an empty infinite. Lovers and cacoethes echo off the guitar. The drums set the pace for the inevitable. Looking down at the carpet, your feet in passing friction suddenly come into view. I’m feeling more vulnerable than I ever have in this moment. And I’m scared of what will come of this—of what it will mean in print. We’ll do everything we can to stay here, even though the clock reminds me there’s a pattern to this madness, and it won’t last forever. “So don’t get any big ideas” is the foremost sound I make out. I’m not sure if it was said aloud or if it’s the lulling of my senses to make it back to reality.

I was moved, then, to find meaning in this song. To make my way back from a sensitive dwelling to a sensible creature. The words took some of the feeling away again. I get goosebumps. Maybe this isn’t what I thought it was at all. My eyes meet another viewer’s, “I liked this so much better when I didn’t know what the words were.” Someone else was caught in the strings, much like myself. “Nude” sets an immediate tone for eroticism, which is exhibited in the welling up of a musical advent that exchanges play with sinister attraction. And come to think of it, all the ideas I met with and exchanged verbal plights with meant nothing to me. None of these people were listening to the same song, it seems. And that’s probably because they weren’t. And that’s the part we’re all in love with. The line that describes those feelings we keep inside but is only brought to light when it’s disguised by a simple melody.


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