90_womenpowerThe way I turn to see you standing there
Immodest and unsweetened
It’s all I need to assuage the moment
A transfixion I had beaten
But that’s the thing about the past
In its shy, ever-elusiveness
Keeps me wound up, keeps me pining
Keeps me too far to choose, at best
With every trickle of your credence
That I will visit what has passed
Your avarice in keeping me grows
Because you aim to make those visions last
In acknowledging your efforts, meritorious
A little longer I’ll delay
The now, the present, the realness
For all you want is me to stay
I choose to forget the roughage
The fillers, the episodes that helped me coast
Through season after season of you
And of my body that you boast
With your tongue turned up in covet
In knowing the curiosity in me does not die
You dangle me upon a string
Forgetting you, in the morning…

That, I will try.


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