Aging Melodies.

When she whets her sustained hunger,   

When the fires, inebriate,

You can’t weep upon her fallacies—

Those burdens quickly escalate.

And you think you’ve got the time to search,                                                            
Skin that’s mapped out in your reverie. 

Your mind has played it over a thousand times.

And it’s your insecurities touching me.

One by one I’ll count them all out,       

Two by two we will load them in…

I could keep it going, burn it out,             

You aim to reach me from within.

I’ll allow a hazy intermission…    

Followed by years of buried impermeability.

We can sit and dig up ideas of what once was,

Which later we’ll dodge with sheer nihility.

Truth is, I live deepest in my songs of yesterday.

But that’s the pungent taste of danger.   

And you’ve no idea of her ancient… 

Because all you’ve ever wanted, is to change her.


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