This site is purposed to stimulate thought, evoke emotion, and above all, share my most personal experiences in full literary color. I have a firm belief that we are a radical by-product of every person we come across and the experiences we meet with on our individual journeys, and in doing so, I aspire to use this platform as a means to contribute self, to become more eager of others, and to allow others to feel free in engaging in who I truly am—in who you are—and what it is that keeps you up late at night.


The philosophy behind wordujour is inspired by a spoken truth by late French-Cuban author Anaïs Nin.
“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.”

All text on this site is original work and is property of owner. All posts are protected by copyright and cannot be republished without permission.

Copyright [October 24 2012] by [wordujour.com]


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